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Gophers - Wire Installation Instructions

1. This is 19 gauge galvanized Gopher Wire. It will offer years of  Gopher protection, without rusting away.

2. Grade soil down approximately 4 – 6 inches.

3. Roll out wire and use steel staples to attach it to the soil. Use approximately 1 staples per 2 1/2 feet. We sell 6 staples in bundles of 40. Use one bundle for each 400 square foot roll of wire. Gopher Wire is also available in different sizes. It can be special ordered for you. Just ask our Customer Service Representatives.

4. If your installing more than one roll; overlap the rolls about 3” and secure them together with plastic zip ties. Use one zip tie approximately every 1”. This will keep even the smallest gophers from being able to burrow through the wire.

5. After the wire is secure to the soil; cover the wire barrier with soil. Level the soil and grade it to ¾” below the border. Then you are ready to install your new sod.   


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